Monday, August 7, 2017

Saving the World From Adolescent Leaders

Men like Trump who are insecure about their masculinity are especially dangerous in positions of power because their concept of manhood is associated with show of force. They have never learned that being a man involves much more than firing a gun or measuring the size of their penis. They lack the knowledge needed to conduct diplomacy. We now have two adolescent boys--Trump and Kim Jong-un--in positions of power where they can wreak destruction on the world. Each is jerking off with weapons of mass destruction. Trump can order a nuclear attack. In April we saw how impulsively he ordered a missile strike on Syria. In July we saw Kim Jong-un test an intercontinental ballistic missile that some experts said could reach the United States. Each of these adolescent boys seems to be trying to assert his manhood in the least intelligent way.

We don’t know whether North Korea has a nuclear warhead it could mount on such a missile. But we do know the U.S. has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons on the planet. We know that Trump has access to the nuclear codes. We know Trump is ignorant and incompetent, and we know he will do anything--lie, promote violence, humiliate his minions, scapegoat others, threaten anyone he feels is in his way--to embellish his self-image and safeguard his fragile masculinity.

Trump and Kim Jong-un are on a collision course. The North Korean leader has no legislative control on his impulsiveness. Here we have Congress that so far in Trump’s presidency has not shown any collective spine to curb Trump. It’s up to the American people and concerned legislators who must raise their voices more strongly than ever before to demand that Congress impeach the mad man masquerading as president before he starts a nuclear war.