Saturday, July 2, 2016

little Donnie Trumpster

Little Donnie is a strumpet
A blowhard of his own trumpet
Chorusing hate, bigotry, and fear
Spreading lies far and near
With ideas from a racist dumpster
Bottom of the barrel is all he can muster
Endorsed by the KKK
He Insults women, Mexicans and gays
Violates separation of church and state
Trashes people of a certain faith
Bans members of the press
Who question his preparedness
A rich spoiled bully boy
He treats America like a broken toy
That only he knows how to fix
But offers no policies, only tricks.
Refuses to release his tax returns
Is he afraid of what we might learn?
Cares nothing for the needy
Money is his god, little Donnie's greedy.

If being president were not such a serious matter
We could dismiss him as a mad hatter
But he's made his way to the top of the Republican pack
Too late they realize they can't send their monster back
To his TV reality show
Where he can strut and deal his firing blow
He's made his way wooing right-wingers
Kissing ass of NRA gunslingers
How I wish he were a cartoon
I wish we could send him to the moon
Rocket him into space
To orbit eternally with the other debris cluttering up the place.
But we have to confront him on election day
Tell him he's fired without any pay.
This would-be emperor, as any child knows,
Is naked; he has no clothes.

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